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Introduction to Computer Programming

Four weeks of extensive hands-on training and exercises with coding concepts.

Monthly tuition cost covers a seat at a Raspberry Pi computing station (14 max students per teacher), personal materials and supplies, snacks and lunches, full access to the tech center for personal use of computers, resources and study hours, assistance with securing a seat in the public school system for Fall, 2016 and an assigned online "buddy" teacher for future support and growth.

You will have the opportunity to buddy-up with the option to join the process directly with your student online.

This course is customized in Arabic using Scratch, a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

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Month 1 - Funded by Rosalie Westernkow
Month 2 - Funded by Rosalie Westernkow
Month 3 - Funded by Rosalie Westernkow
Month 4 - Funded by Rosalie Westernkow
Month 5 - Funded by Rosalie Westernkow
Month 6 - Funded by Rosalie Westernkow

Fully Funded!

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