Fairouz – Humanwire Education
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    is attending Humanwire's Butterfly Effect Center in prepreration for entering public school in Lebanon, for the first time.
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    Gender: F
    Family Campaign: N/A
    Origin: Syria
    Current: Lebanon

Public School Support

Humanwire has registered Fairouz into public school for Syrians in Lebanon.

Obtaining a chair in the free, public school system is just half of the challenge.

Most students are unable to attend due to lack of transportation and a need to work.


Daily transportation to and from school.
Funding transportation for a student is a high impact enabler.

All 9 months funded by Vanessa Ruggles

Fully Funded!


Incentivize a student's family to meet a 90% monthly attendance goal for their child.

Replace the need for a family to send their child to work.

Students who meet 90% attendance will benefit their family with this cash incentive.

If 90% attendance is not met, incentive carries over to next unfunded month (or to another student if already funded).

All 9 months funded by Vanessa Ruggles

Fully Funded!

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