*Humanwire has been required to halt its operations to resolve certain operational issues. We appreciate your interest in Humanwire and please bear with us while we work to hopefully ensure that Humanwire is as strong and efficient as it can be.


The below instructions are for mailing and shipping addresses for Lebanon and United States. For other countries, including TURKEY, MALAYSIA, JORDAN and GREECE please email us at delivery@humanwire.org.


Please send all items to the Humanwire office in Lebanon and Humanwire will deliver your package directly to the door of the recipient and return photos of the delivery. Please include your email for return receipt. Email delivery@humanwire.org with any questions.

Full Name of Recipient (lead campaign member name) c/o Layla Al Khalidy
Campaign: Campaign name (as found on public website)
Humanwire Lebanon
Al Abbassieh Street
Abdel Naser Al Sayed Station Building
Al-Marj, West Bekaa-Lebanon
Chtaura – Bekaa – Lebanon

Humanwire Lebanon Contact Information:
Primary (administrator): +961 71 931958
Secondary (office): +961 76 835463

Tips to assure a solid delivery of your items to Humanwire:

1. Take your package to your local post office for delivery [or use the popular DSL service which services Lebanon].
2. If you use DHL or other companies you need to choose the DDP option (Destination Duty Paid) and pay for customs directly.
3. Ask your postmaster for the proper “Customs Form” for Lebanon, based on the size of your package.
4. Make sure every item in your package is listed on the custom form in detail. The more detail you include about every single object, the less likely customs will deny the package entry or apply additional customs charges.
5. Ask your postmaster to verify that the items you are sending are legitimate (i.e., no perishable goods or other objects that could be denied).
6. Used electronics and other valuables may require customs payments relative to the fair market price of the items. In order to assure the most sound delivery, justify the price with any additional documentation or printouts and include them with your customs form.
7. Please be sure the shipping carrier you select can guarantee that they can get your package through customs and delivered directly to our address listed above. Unfortunately we can not be assured we can retrieve items that get held at the borders.
8. Send us an email at delivery@humanwire.org with your shipping details and we’ll keep our eyes open for your shipment.
9. All successful shipments will arrive at the Humanwire office in close proximity to its final destination. We will then deliver your item directly to the family’s door and return photos of the family receiving your package.
10. Consider including a poem, note or picture in the pocket of a coat or within your package to be discovered.



Humanwire is HQ in Boulder, Colorado.

Please note: We can not accept packages destined for other countries. If you have a package to send to another country, please send it directly to that country (see instructions above). Any packages sent to our HQ address will not be shipped onward without Humanwire’s confirmed pre arrangements.

1137 Pearl Street Suite 200
Boulder, Colorado 80302
United States of America