*Humanwire has been required to halt its operations to resolve certain operational issues. We appreciate your interest in Humanwire and please bear with us while we work to hopefully ensure that Humanwire is as strong and efficient as it can be.

Organization Signup

If you are part of an officially registered NGO or non-profit organization, you may begin entering refugee applications now. If you are unregistered or part of a for-profit organization, please allow extra time for your organization to be verified.

First you will need to fill out the following Organization Sign-up Form (time: 1-2 minutes). Once the form is complete and has been submitted, you may immediately go on to begin entering Refugee Applications for refugees. Once your organization is verified, your refugee applications will begin the verification process.

At any time, we may contact you if there are any questions concerning your initial application or any particular refugee application you submit.

Each time you submit a valid refugee application, Humanwire will notify you when the individual application has been approved and then you may determine to have the application go live on the site at anytime thereafter. Once you have made your campaign live, anyone may select to host the campaign.

By submitting an application on behalf of a refugee or group of refugees, you are taking the responsibility to verify the identity of the applicant and assure they understand and are willing to participate in a Humanwire campaign. In addition to your signature, each refugee who will receive benefit, or a liaison who will receive benefit on behalf of a group of refugees (i.e. not an organizational representative) must sign the application before it can be considered complete.

The three main criteria a refugee must meet to be considered for Humanwire: 1) they must truly meet the definition of a refugee, 2) we must be able to verify their identity and 3) they must have never ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in the persecution of any person on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Once your organization is verified, you will be provided with a login to manage your applications. Any applications that you create before you are provided with a login will be transferred to your new account.

Organization Sign-up Form
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