*Humanwire has been required to halt its operations to resolve certain operational issues. We appreciate your interest in Humanwire and please bear with us while we work to hopefully ensure that Humanwire is as strong and efficient as it can be.



Is Humanwire a non profit?
Yes, Humanwire is a registered non profit. Company Registration: Humanwire 501 EIN: 81-3628371
Humanwire Banking & registration information.

Do products that are bought in the Go Delivery store (e.g. eggs) count towards the campaign goal?
Currently, they do not. Goals are designed to enable larger scale investments without being diminished by day-to-day living expenses. In V2 of the Humanwire site (currently under construction) hosts will be able to assign delivery products as goal-oriented.

What is the estimated cost for products and services in Lebanon?
Stand Up Refrigerator – $270
Sewing machine and entry materials $350
Carpets for tent $200
Rent of tent ~$400 per year
Washing machine ~$190
Extending electricity to a tent with cables ~$150
Single room, safe apartment studio in an apartment complex ~$350/month.

How long does it take for campaign distribution orders to be completed?

On average, the team is able to complete most distribution orders within 5 to 7 days after the order has been submitted. In some instances a distribution can take up to 14 days, depending on the type of distribution. Factors that may impact the time to completion of a distribution can include the order being for large appliances, services, atypical and non-life threatening purchases. Internal prioritization can also play a role.

Urgent distributions can be made within hours in rare cases of extreme emergency. If you have any questions or comments about the status of one of your distribution orders, please contact us at support@humanwire.org.

My campaign countdown has expired but I would like to keep fundraising. How can I extend my campaign run time?

If you would like to extend your campaign timeline, please email us at support@humanwire.org with the length of time to extend it by.

I selected a reward when I donated to a campaign, but so far have not heard from Humanwire regarding how to collect my reward. What should I do?

Please email us at rewards@humawire.org to collect your reward. If you have selected a Skype call with the family you donated to, instructions for scheduling are included on the donation confirmation receipt sent to you following the transaction.

How do I pay for items from the Go Delivery store using my campaign fund?

At this time the Go Delivery page is not connected to the campaign fund, though we are working on implementing this feature into the next version of our website.

For the time being, if you click submit in the Go Delivery store after selecting the items you want to purchase it will bring you to the checkout page. The total list of items displayed on the checkout page can be copied and pasted into a Distribution order form via your Dashboard. In this way you can use your campaign funds to purchase the items.

Can’t submit the Distribution Order form because your campaign is still live? Email us at support@humanwire.org for help in submitting your order early.



How is hosting a Tent to Home campaign on Humanwire different that other campaigns?
Tent to Home campaigns have preset goals that are determined by a family’s particular circumstances. Once a goal is met, leaders of campaigns are then enabled with the same Humanwire tools to deliver additional distributions on-demand through our Go Delivery store and obtain transparent, photo receipts of all transactions.

How does the rental lease agreement work?
Having established partnerships with key housing realtors in and around Athens, Greece, Humanwire’s Tent to Home co-signs rental contracts for refugee families with six months of pre-paid rent and utilities in escrow.

When will a refugee family be moved into an apartment?
Once a campaign for a family reaches its preset goal, Tent to Home moves the family into a home and provides ongoing support throughout the six months, including a budget for food, transportation and other special needs.

What will happen after the 6-months of support has run out?
In Greece, six months will be a sufficient time frame for a family to obtain their asylum application before departing to their new country of residence. In other cases, Tent to Home may decide to provide a family with additional campaigns.

What are the conditions like in Greece that warrant the special need to focus on shelter?
As of October, 23 2016, there are over 60,000 asylum seekers stranded in refugee camps throughout Greece. 1 The Greek Center for Disease Control visited sixteen camps in July and found that conditions failed to meet the minimum international standards, noting “sub-par sanitation, lack of access to clean water, poor ventilation, overcrowding, exposure to health hazards and toxins including asbestos” leading to their recommendation to close all camps and integrate refugees into society. 2″

How do I send goods from the Go Delivery page directly to a Tent to Home family?
Though sending goods directly is a possibility, for Tent to Home campaigns we recommend working first towards raising the funds to meet the preset goal. This goal includes apartment living as well as food and some spending money, so raising the goal amount in total is the best way to help the family most significantly. If you determine that a Go Delivery or other special delivery is nonetheless desirable, then please contact us at support@humanwire.org for instructions on how to proceed if it is in our team’s capacity to do so.

What happens if a campaign is run for a family who gets placed into an apartment by a different organization (or simply no longer needs the apartment)?
If a family moves out of an apartment or no longer needs an apartment after funding has taken place, then the funding raised for them will be applied to another family in the program at the discretion of the host/sponsor.



What happens to the $30 incentive fund if a student does not achieve the attendance goal of 90% for that month?
If the student does not make the 90% or more then the $30 incentive for that month rolls over to cover a non-incentivized month for that same student. If all 9 months of school have been incentivized for that student, then we will apply the $30 as incentive to an un-incentivized student of your choice.

Why can’t I find a child from my campaign listed under the Education page?
Though the Humanwire team has worked extensively to register as many students as possible in the public school system many are unable to attend due to a shortage in space availability. As a result, we have started to offer educational courses via our Butterfly Effect center in Lebanon. If a child is not currently registered for classes in our program, simply ask us! (email support@humanwire.org) We can also locate private school options, typically above $250/month per child.



General website usability: You are currently experiencing version zero of the website which has been in operation since Humanwire first began in the fall of 2015. In the summer of 2016, Humanwire partnered with Boulder’s premier design firm, Human Design, to rebuild Humanwire from scratch into a world class website. Throughout the Fall of 2016 and now into 2017, the new site is underway with an active team of six designers and programmers, along with Humanwire’s team, engaged in daily sprint activity. We have taken our experience and re-imagined everything from the application process to easily hosting multiple campaigns and everything in between. With special attention to interface and visual design, the expected release date is Summer, 2017.

Current Version Details:

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When setting up options, “Use Google Apps domain” can be blank. Please check ‘Allow BCC: to be filled”. This is because you will want your contributors to be in the bcc field.

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Distribution Form – I can’t see what I’m writing in the distribution form. When writing in your distribution form, if you can’t see what you are entering, this is likely the result of an older browser or out of date javascript related problem which we have not yet replicated. Please try an alternative browser. Humanwire is optimized for Google Chrome. If you are still unable to to get this feature to work, please email support@humanwire.org for help with your browser settings.