*Humanwire has been required to halt its operations to resolve certain operational issues. We appreciate your interest in Humanwire and please bear with us while we work to hopefully ensure that Humanwire is as strong and efficient as it can be.


If you are interested in participating with Humanwire for educational purposes, we offer an easy, compelling and free 2-step activity for any class of 25 students or more:

Step 1:

Select any refugee campaign on the website and set up an appointment to engage in a 30min live video chat between your class and the refugee for no cost. A translator will be provided for English if needed. If a campaign is currently live, appointments will be coordinated for a time after a campaign has ended and the contributing participants have had an opportunity to experience their rewards. The sponsors of the campaign will also be invited to join your event.

Step 2:

After your class speaks with the refugee, you are encouraged to consider creative ways to provide support. You will be provided with a mailing address to send items directly to the refugee (e.g. your students could bring items from home and box them together at school to send to the refugee in the mail) and you will have the necessary contacts to engage the refugee on your own, or with the support of Humanwire’s assistance for any creative projects your class would like to deploy.

Once you have selected a refugee family to engage with, please email us at hello@humanwire.org with information including your school name, class name and age/grade-level of students. We will contact you to coordinate a time for your live video chat. Please note, you may receive a response right away, or it may take several days before you receive a return email.