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Direct Connect

Direct Connect
September 23, 2021

Humanwire will
1. Obtain & hand-deliver to .
2. Return photo or video of delivery to you.
3. Estimated Delivery Time: Within one week.

Suggested donation for Humanwire's delivery expenses. Why we need your support!

Humanwire takes 0% from your contribution! We rely 100% on extra donations to pay for operating this platform, seeking & processing applications, distributing contributions, reporting our progress and fulfilling your rewards, THANK YOU!

$3 edit

More details and product specs soon.
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Other Details:
+ At time of checkout, you will have the option to provide a personal note and a photo to go along with your delivery.
+ Humanwire does not markup any product purchases and makes no revenue from any exchange.
+ We are working to lower prices significantly.
+ Looking to buy multiple items at once? Send an email to support@humanwire.org with a list of items and we will create a custom purchase page just for you. This important feature is coming to automation very soon.

Think locally, act globally! Your donation is contributing to the local economy of the region while minimizing transportation strain on the global environment.