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Zahra (9) was born in Damascus into a family of five siblings. Their neighborhood was reportedly sieged by bombings and chemical weapons. When their home was destroyed by a shell, they fled with their mother to Lebanon. The family lives in a tent and is prepared to support Zarah in attending school full-time.

Zarah and her family would like for Zarah to be part of The Dragon Curve Kids group, a class of 12 students at the Butterfly Effect Center.

About The Program

The Butterfly Effect Center at Salam provides 4-weeks of full-time catch-up training, 30-hours per week, in preparation for attending public school in Lebanon. The program also acts as an advocate for each student to obtain a seat in the nearest school available. $500 covers the cost of 120 hours of training, advocacy and support for enrollment into public school, and transportation to and from the program.

About Your Donation

100% of your donation will be contributed towards the goal. Once the goal is met, Zahra will be guaranteed a seat in the Butterfly Effect program. To see a detailed outline of the program and a breakdown of program expenses, visit [link].

I would like to donate directly to Zahra's Education