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Wesal and Sally

Wesal and Sally

Wesal and her husband lived in Damascus, Syria with their three-year-old daughter Sally. When their house was destroyed by airstrikes they decided to leave the country for Turkey. Unfortunately, they were caught trying to cross the border illegally and the entire family was sent to jail. During this time they were beaten and tortured. Wesal and her daughter were released after forty days but her husband remained detained and his status is currently unknown.

Wesal and Sally continued on to Greece alone, arriving on Chios Island in November, 2016. They were then transferred to the Vial refugee camp, a dangerous camp with poor sanitation, unisex bathrooms and outbreaks of contagious diseases. Like other single women in the camp, she is afraid to use the bathrooms for fear of being sexually assaulted.  She said she still has flashbacks of being tortured and beaten in the jail. The environment is no place for a single mother with a 3-yr-old after everything they have been through.

Wesal and Sally were given ferry tickets to Athens by the UNHCR, and are now temporarily staying in a hotel room until an apartment is funded.

Wesal was able to obtain housing on her own and no longer requires funding for an apartment. She will still need support for obtaining food and paying for living expenses.

Goal Breakdown
Food stipend – $275 x 6 months
Misc. Expenses – $396

Total (USD): $2046


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