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Tasnim and Abd Al Rahman


Tasnim (5) and Abd Al Rahman (2) inside their shelter in Lebanon. Their father Mustafa recalls why they left their home in Syria:

“I lived with my children and my wife in Idlib where there was a clash between the regime’s army and the Free Army warplanes. A shell hit the house and my wife was hurt by shrapnel and taken to the hospital…I took my children and fled to my neighbor’s house. I fainted from fear and my kids began to cry and scream. My wife stayed 20 days in the hospital while the surgery was conducted, then we fled to Lebanon as soon as we could.”

In Lebanon, Mustafa occasionally finds work selling vegetables, but not every day. He used to work as a porter in Syria but if he could, he said he would buy or rent a van to sell vegetables full time. The family listed food, heater oil, and help paying of their debt as top needs. Mustafa’s wife Nada said she desperately wants to continue her education – a goal she was pursuing prior to the disruption caused by the war.

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