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Tahani (3) in pictured in front of her tent in Lebanon. Her mother, Shamsa: “I was living with my husband Hassan and our children in a village called Al Mansora in Syria. Hassan worked as a porter and I cared for our six children. Al Mansora was a quiet place until the war. The Free Army came into the village and began to clash with the Syrian regime. Before long, my neighbor’s house was bombed. Fearing that we would be next, we left our home for another village. We stayed away for 4 months before returning to our home. Soon after, ISIS entered the village. First, they confiscated all the TVs in the village so they could control all information. Then they prevented us from leaving our homes.

We decided to escape and snuck our family out of the village at night. We carefully journeyed across the country and entered to Lebanon illegally by way of the mountains in 2014. We stayed in Lebanon for nearly a year and then I got word that my brother had died in Damascus. We returned there and stayed five months, but the danger was too great. Once again, in 2016, we made the hard journey across the mountains into Lebanon.

That is where my family is now. I do not work because I have a baby and can not leave him alone in the tent where we live. My husband Hassan suffers from heart disease and blood pressure. Tahani suffers from ِِAsthma. We wish to return home when it is safe, but don’t know when that will be.


Kathleen McCabe
We are the McCabes -- Kathleen, Tom, Jack (4) and Nora (2). We live in Newton, Massachusetts. Tom is a pharmacist and Kathleen works in public health. Jack and Nora are best buds; they are curious, witty, sensitive, silly and kind. Like Tahani, Jack has asthma and is really excited to meet a kid like him from a different part of the world.
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Hello! We have been looking for a way to connect with and support the people of Syria. We were really happy to find this family on Humanwire and are really grateful for the opportunity to share brave Tahani’s story. We hope the money raised during this campaign can provide them access to needed medications, shelter, food and warm clothing. Please help us spread love.


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At least four quarterly emails will be sent to all contributors with status and progress reports related to activity on the campaign. This may include information about the successful transfer of funds to a hospital, a photo of the recipient after a successful surgery, etc.


Contributors will be provided with a local address to send food, clothes, school supplies and letters of support directly to the family’s door. This is a great way to build one-to-one relationships and potentially provide more needed support down the road. Plus, everything included in the $5 reward.


Attend a live video chat session with the host and refugee. Introduce yourself and time-permitting, spark up a conversation along with others involved in the campaign. A translator will be provided for English when needed. Plus, everything included in the $5 and $15 rewards.


Engage in a 30 minute one-to-one live video chat. An arabic translator will be provided for French or English. Plus, everything included in the $5, $15 and $25 rewards.


Everything in the $45 reward, four times! You can give them away to others or enjoy them all yourself. Each of the four rewards comes with everything offered in the $45 reward and below.


Thinking of traveling? Humanwire can help with recommendations for your itinerary. This could be a great opportunity to meet and connect more closely with the refugee family that will be benefitting from your contribution. For dinner, Humanwire will provide local transportation for everyone. Also, everything included in all prior rewards.

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