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Shamsa, Ahmad and Khalil

Shamsa, Ahmad and Khalil

“I lived in Al Sahel, a village in the province of Al Raqqa, Syria with my husband and kids. The regime’s army bombed the village by aircraft, then the Free Army entered and clashed… We were very scared because most of the houses around us were destroyed and after that the Free Army fled,  ISIS entered and imposed a siege that blocked access to our house for awhile. We were able to escape at night without clothes or anything. We were moving from one area to another until we entered Lebanon in 2016. After that we know learned ISIS took over our house.”

Shamsa now lives with her husband, Ibrahim, and seven children in a camp in Lebanon. Ibrahim’s three siblings also live with the family. Many of the members of the family suffer from untreated health problems: Ibrahim has a deep vein thrombosis, Ahmad has a hernia requiring surgery and Khalil has a hole in his heart that requires medical supervision. The family is also focused on securing supplies for their tents in the upcoming winter, including food, tent improvements, heating oil and diapers for the little ones.


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My friends Anna, Joanna, Lucy and Alex and I are deeply shaken by the horrors that refugee families continue to endure and hope we can help them thanks to Humanwire.
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We are honored to be able to help this family.


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