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Sara and Hala

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Sara (10) and Hala (12) are sisters who lived a modest life in Syria until the war started. Their father used to build homes but when the war started, the work dried up so he started baking and selling cakes in the street to get by. In April, 2016 they decided to leave for Greece. The family traveled in an inflatable raft across the sea from Turkey to Greece, landing on Chios Island, where the closed camps are notoriously overcrowded. They were sent on to Athens but without any housing, and eventually found a room in an abandoned school where they receive drinking water and one meal a day.

The children urgently need a safer home as the squats are controlled by gangs. They would like to have a fixed address and enroll in school again. Hala particularly likes drawing and writing while Sara needs a new pair of glasses with the correct prescription.

Goal Breakdown
Rent (and deposit) – $385 x 6 months
Deposit – $330
Food stipend – $275 x 6 months
Utilities – $55 x 6 months
Misc expenses (realtor fee, bus fees, etc) – $215

Total (USD): $4835

*This campaign has ended. Please contact for more information.
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