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“I was a chef in Rue Casaneuve, a big restaurant in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. I was also part of their culinary program which allowed people to work and get their culinary degree at the same time. Like all young men, I had a big vision for my life. I wanted to improve myself professionally and intellectually abroad and return to open a big restaurant.

My family was killed in the ongoing violence in Cameroon, and I was left to fend for my siblings as the oldest. As the situation in the country declined and my family died, my uncle claimed all of my inheritance and left my siblings and I in the street with nowhere to live. Business at the restaurant was also declining.

I left my work and sold everything I owned when I heard about the promise of Culinary school and work in Cyprus. Maybe this would be the big opportunity I had been waiting for. But when I got there, it was not as promised. I was in a village far from the school and had to pay too much money to get to class every day. With no source of income, I couldn’t continue to pay my expenses or the tuition of the culinary program. I fled to Istanbul in search of work or a means of surviving.

Now it’s winter and I have no place to live. I left my 6 siblings back in Cameroon in poverty and they are calling me every day hoping I can send something.”

Robert is currently homeless in Istanbul, Turkey. With a partial education in culinary services, he wants more than anything to finish school, get a job and send support home to his siblings.


Karen Propp
I am a digital marketing professional living in New York City.
$3000 Goal

When Trump announced his immigration order in January 2017, something inside me broke. Facebook activism and silent pity just weren’t going to cut it. I was tired of feeling helpless. I wanted to make a difference to someone on an individual level. I found Humanwire and liked the personal touch it provided.

Robert stood out to me. I saw a young man who had a life, was ambitious and with a little help, would have a rich and productive future. You can read more about why I chose him and the journey we have been on so far here.

Together, Robert and I have outlined the following goals to get him closer to independence and continue towards his goal of being a chef. The goal we’ve set is to raise funds to help pay for Robert’s rent ($110/mo), Turkish lessons ($150/mo) and basic necessities ($50/mo) for the next 6 months. Please consider contributing or even making a monthly contribution. I have committed to match every donation up to $1500. Oh, and there are a couple nice rewards built into it too.

How you can help
1) Make a contribution. You will be a part of changing Robert’s life forever.
2) Share this post. Share it to your Facebook wall, email your friends, post it to your Slack channel at work.
3) Get to know Robert. As a supporter, you can schedule a Skype call, exchange letters or message on WhatsApp. He is curious about the meals you cook and the music you listen to.
4) Do you have Turkish friends or family? I’d love to build a network of support for Robert in Turkey. Someone who could help him secure employment, make friends and otherwise thrive. Please email me for an introduction.

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Karen’s Custom Rewards:
$15 – You will receive email updates with photos and stories sharing Robert’s journey.

$25 – In addition to the email updates, you will also have the option to join a Skype call with a translator (Robert speaks French).

$50 – Robert and I are making a cookbook of all his favorite recipes. Your contribution will get you a lovely digital cookbook in French and English with photos and stories about the dishes.

$100 – I will cook you dinner in NYC or Asbury Park, NJ. The dinner will feature recipes from Robert and we will have him join us live on video chat.

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