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Raman and Alo

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Raman graduated from the Institute of Agriculture in Syria though unfortunately he was not able to build his career in this area due to the war. After refusing to join the military Raman fled with his wife Alo and three children from Syria to Greece in January of 2016.

Existence in Greece has proved an unfortunate challenge. Food is scarce and living conditions for the family are unbearable. Raman has diabetes and has been unable to afford any medication since leaving his homeland.

The family is concerned about surviving the upcoming winter in a tent and lack basic food and supplies.

Goal Breakdown
Rent – $322 x 6 months
Deposit – $0
Food stipend – $234 x 6 months
Utilities – $59 x 6 months
Escrow fee – n/a
International wire fee – $40
Other expenses (realtor fee, bus fees, etc) – $369

Total: $4094


Audra Acker
My husband, Dustin, and I have 2 boys Warren, age 10, and Kai age 2. We live in the Texas Hill Country and have been eager to help with Humanwire since hearing about it through my sister, Jessica Hogan. My husband's ancestry is Lebanese and we've always held an affinity for the culture and people. We are shocked and saddened by the atrocities that these people have endured and would like to do what we can to help. We are excited to meet the family and my son, Warren, can't wait to start helping raise some funds!

*This campaign has ended. Please contact support@humanwire.org for more information.

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