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Othman and Iman

othman and Iman

 Othman (4) and Iman (2) left Syria with their parents after their neighborhood was severely impacted by airstrikes. Their father, Ahmed, states “I lost the feeling of safety totally after I saw the house of my neighbor exploded and the shreds of his four children sprawling around his house”. He said he could not risk his family’s safety any longer.

The couple and their two young children traveled first to different areas of Syria but were eventually pushed into Turkey.

Now in Turkey, the family is searching for ways to make it on their own. Ahmed is a graduate of the Syrian Institute of Accounting and Finance and has ten years of experience as a treasurer and budget allocator, but finds it difficult to compete in his field as a Syrian in Turkey where employment is forbidden. One of Ahmed’s hands is also paralyzed, further limiting him.

When asked Ahmed said his top needs include a place of residence in Turkey, asylum to Canada to live with his brother, food, blankets and warm clothes for the upcoming winter.


Carrie Dhanarajan
I am a wife, mom and daughter who wants to make a difference for all the other wives and moms and daughters (and dads and sons too) who are struggling and suffering in Syria and around the world. I work as a Behavior Analyst with kids with Autism and have 2 kids. I want them to see a better, more peaceful world.

*This campaign has ended. Please visit https://www.humanwire.org/cause/iman-and-othman/ for a more recent update.

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