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Oday, Dalaa and Douaa


These three beautiful children Oday (10), Dalaa (9) and Douaa (1) share this small, barren apartment with their parents and elderly Grandmother.

The parents, Hazem and Ghader, made the heart wrenching decision to flee Syria with their family when their home was destroyed in an air-strike. Now, as refugees in Lebanon, the family is quickly sinking further and further into debt, unable to return to their homeland as the war lingers on.

Originally a tailor in his homeland, Hazem has since found full-time work sewing in a factory in Beirut generating $400 USD per month. Although, due to a previous surgery on his hand, he struggles to sustain this position. The future in uncertain, but he carries on for his family despite his injury.

Hazem’s mother, also living with the family, suffers from heart disease, nervous system issues and degenerative disc disease. Medicine for Grandma is a very high priority for this loving family. Ouday and Dalaa attend public school, although after rent ($300 per month), medicine for Grandma, food and transportation costs for daily commutes, the family can not make ends meet. They are stretched far beyond their means.

Health care for Grandma, groceries and rent are the families top priorities. Both Hazem and Ghader are experienced with tailoring. The couple dreams of some day being able to obtain an industry grade sewing machine to open a new tailoring shop.

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