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Nahida and Family


Nahida: “My husband was building houses in a village near Bokmal, Syria and our situation was very good and we had a nice house until ISIS entered our village. It was getting dangerous for my daughters and we managed to get by but then ISIS decided to take our house because of its strategical position, so we had no other place to live. Due to the escalating violence we fled to Turkey. We stayed one month in Turkey in my brother’s house and then left to Greece. My husband has already made it to Austria, so now we are waiting for the reunification.”

In Greece, Nahida went to many organizations and camps but could not secure a spot in any of them. They finally ended up at an Athens squat where they feared for their safety; they were not allowed to lock the door and their squat was mostly inhabited by single men. There were also many drug addicts and aggressive anti-refugee activists in the neighborhood. The activists once lit her squat on fire at 3AM while everyone was sleeping, and Nahida and her family had to run outside to escape. At the squat they received one meal a day and were not allowed to use heaters or electricity because the building had faulty wiring.

The family had been living in Greece for one year without a home until Humanwire helped move them into an apartment in March. The family is safe and comfortable and they are anxiously awaiting their reunification with their father in Austria.  Nahida needs to raise money to continue to pay the rent in the apartment as the reunification paperwork is taking longer than expected.

Goal Breakdown
Rent – $385 x 6 months
Deposit – $220
Food stipend – $385 x 6 months
Misc. Expenses – $462

Total (USD): $5302

*This campaign has ended. Please contact for more information.
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