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Moumina and Family


Moumina, an art teacher from a village near Damascus, Syria, was separated from her husband, Haitham, on their wedding day due to heavy bombing raids that also destroyed the family’s home.

The newlyweds fled separately and waited for the violence to ebb, then made their way together to a town northeast of the city. Conditions were no better there, and the couple realized they couldn’t stay for long. “We suffered from lack of electricity and food, but the radical groups would not allow us to get out of the town,” said Haitham.

After about a month they managed to escape and fled to Lebanon, where they remain. Moumina and Haitham have a son Ahmad (4) and another child on the way. Ahmad has health problems related to his breathing and Moumina has experienced some pain during her pregnancy. Their top need is focused on medical treatment for Ahmad and Moumina. Haitham was a salesman and electrician in Syria but has had no luck finding work.


Therese, Ryan, Charlotte, and Nolan
We are a family of 4 living in Boston, MA.
$1500 Goal

It’s been a difficult year and a frightening few weeks. I know that many of our friends and family would like a direct way to help refugees and those who have been displaced by war in Syria.  We decided to sponsor a family who has had to flee their home due these horrible circumstances.  Recently we have been so fortunate  to have amazing medical care  for both Therese and Nolan–something everyone should have. Lets come together and help Haitham, Moumina,  Ahmad access the medical care they so sorely need.

-261Days -15Hours -53Min -13Sec



At least four quarterly emails will be sent to all contributors with status and progress reports related to activity on the campaign. This may include information about the successful transfer of funds to a hospital, a photo of the recipient after a successful surgery, etc.


Contributors will be provided with a local address to send food, clothes, school supplies and letters of support directly to the family’s door. This is a great way to build one-to-one relationships and potentially provide more needed support down the road. Plus, everything included in the $5 reward.


Attend a live video chat session with the host and refugee. Introduce yourself and time-permitting, spark up a conversation along with others involved in the campaign. A translator will be provided for English when needed. Plus, everything included in the $5 and $15 rewards.


Engage in a 30 minute one-to-one live video chat. An arabic translator will be provided for French or English. Plus, everything included in the $5, $15 and $25 rewards.


Everything in the $45 reward, four times! You can give them away to others or enjoy them all yourself. Each of the four rewards comes with everything offered in the $45 reward and below.


Thinking of traveling? Humanwire can help with recommendations for your itinerary. This could be a great opportunity to meet and connect more closely with the refugee family that will be benefitting from your contribution. For dinner, Humanwire will provide local transportation for everyone. Also, everything included in all prior rewards.

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