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Mouawya, Sedra and Aysha


Mouawya (10), Sedra (12) and Aysha (7) are the youngest of 6 kids. They spent their childhood in Aleppo, Syria until the civil war began. Danger crept closer and closer and their home was bombed. The family remained however, hoping the war would pass and they would not be harmed. When their home was bombed a second time in March of 2013 they had no choice but to flee to Lebanon where they now live as refugees.

Sadly, a year after arriving in Lebanon, the children’s father suffered a heart attack and passed away. Their mother, Hind is now trying to support her 6 children and her father-in-law who suffers from heart problems and diabetes. Hind herself suffers kidney disease and diabetes. The oldest two sisters work in farming for a small amount of money, but is not enough to support the family. Despite the circumstances, the children are enrolled in education programs as it is very important to the family.

When asked about their needs, the family lists clothing, a fridge, a washing machine, and funds to open a small kiosk to sell fruits, vegetables and candies.

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