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Mohammad and Mirvat

Mohammad and Mirvat

Mohammad, Mirvat and their two kids pictured in Greece after fleeing their home in Syria, November 2016.

All people were given 24 hours to leave. Mohammad had no other choice but to join a rebel military squad or die. Mirvat was pregnant and their house had been bombed. It was time to go.

In Greece since March, the family is stuck in a refugee camp while awaiting a determination on their asylum application for Europe.

When asked about their top health concerns, the family listed a fear of Hepatitis outbreaks in their camp, lack of heating and poor sanitation. When asked about other needs Mohammad and Mirvat listed a stroller, warm water, winter clothes and food.

Rent (monthly) $495 x 6
Food stipend (monthly) $275 x 6
Utilities (monthly) $55 x 6
Deposit $0
International wire fee $44
Miscellaneous $385

Total Goal: $5379

*This campaign has ended. Please contact for more information.
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