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Mohammad and Family

Al Talib Family

When asked who covers their livelihoods, he answered that “he himself doesn’t know how everyday ends…”

Mohammad is barely into his 20’s. He had no health issues and was just starting out in life with his new family in Homs, Syria, studying Health Science at a university before his life changed in an instant.

In 2014, shelling caused their home to collapse while Mohammad was inside. He survived but sustained a major head injury and fled to Lebanon. When they reached safety he underwent urgent surgery to relieve a brain hemorrhage causing the family to enter into debt.

They also owe the owner of the local market and they have not bought any clothes since they first arrived in Lebanon. They did receive some clothes from their neighborhood since the family’s situation is widely known but, at times, they have had to sell these donations in order to buy milk and diapers for the little ones. The assistant at the shop will give a few extra vegetables for free out of kindness.

In addition to ongoing medical expenses and mere sustainability, the family is need of a connection. “I couldn’t ask for help by the people around me, since all the people I know now are refugees like me and therefor they haven’t the means”.


Molly Rodden
I'm a Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry in Champaign, Illinois. I believe that we are all part of the human family and that means we must care for each other. I am truly grateful and appreciative for the chance to put my money where my mouth is!
$5000 Goal

It’s time for action! Let’s put our money where our mouth is and “chip” in to feed, clothe and house Mohammad and his lovely family! They need the basics but we are hoping to help secure his surgery. If you are a physician or know a physician who would be willing to hear more information please feel free to PM me on  face book or email me!


-46Days -17Hours -57Min -21Sec



At least four quarterly emails will be sent to all contributors with status and progress reports related to activity on the campaign. This may include information about the successful transfer of funds to a hospital, a photo of the recipient after a successful surgery, etc.


Contributors will be provided with a local address to send food, clothes, school supplies and letters of support directly to the family’s door. This is a great way to build one-to-one relationships and potentially provide more needed support down the road. Plus, everything included in the $5 reward.


Attend a live video chat session with the host and refugee. Introduce yourself and time-permitting, spark up a conversation along with others involved in the campaign. A translator will be provided for English when needed. Plus, everything included in the $5 and $15 rewards.


Engage in a 30 minute one-to-one live video chat. An arabic translator will be provided for French or English. Plus, everything included in the $5, $15 and $25 rewards.


Everything in the $45 reward, four times! You can give them away to others or enjoy them all yourself. Each of the four rewards comes with everything offered in the $45 reward and below.


Thinking of traveling? Humanwire can help with recommendations for your itinerary. This could be a great opportunity to meet and connect more closely with the refugee family that will be benefitting from your contribution. For dinner, Humanwire will provide local transportation for everyone. Also, everything included in all prior rewards.

Custom Amount

No rewards for me thank you (or maybe I would like rewards), I just want to make a donation for a certain amount to Mohammad and Family.

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