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Mohammad and Family

Al Talib Family

When asked who covers their livelihoods, he answered that “he himself doesn’t know how everyday ends…”

Mohammad is barely into his 20’s. He had no health issues and was just starting out in life with his new family in Homs, Syria, studying Health Science at a university before his life changed in an instant.

In 2014, shelling caused their home to collapse while Mohammad was inside. He survived but sustained a major head injury and fled to Lebanon. When they reached safety he underwent urgent surgery to relieve a brain hemorrhage causing the family to enter into debt.

They also owe the owner of the local market and they have not bought any clothes since they first arrived in Lebanon. They did receive some clothes from their neighborhood since the family’s situation is widely known but, at times, they have had to sell these donations in order to buy milk and diapers for the little ones. The assistant at the shop will give a few extra vegetables for free out of kindness.

In addition to ongoing medical expenses and mere sustainability, the family is need of a connection. “I couldn’t ask for help by the people around me, since all the people I know now are refugees like me and therefor they haven’t the means”.

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