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Miha (8) was born in Lebanon just one year after her parents fled Syria. Miha and her family would like for Miha to be part of The Dragon Curve Kids group, a class of 12 students at the Butterfly Effect Center.

About The Program

The Butterfly Effect Center at Salam provides 4-weeks of full-time catch-up training, 30-hours per week, in preparation for attending public school in Lebanon. The program also acts as an advocate for each student to obtain a seat in the nearest school available. $500 covers the cost of 120 hours of training, advocacy and support for enrollment into public school, and transportation to and from the program.

About Your Donation

100% of your donation will be contributed towards the goal. Once the goal is met, Miha will be guaranteed a seat in the Butterfly Effect program. To see a detailed outline of the program and a breakdown of program expenses, visit [link].

I would like to donate directly to Miha's Education