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Maher and Goli

maher and goli

“We left Aleppo because the house was bombed,” says Maher. He and his wife, Goli, and two of their three children have been living in a refugee camp in Greece since early 2016.

The camp has limited resources. They receive food from the Greek military and have access to medical care from the Red Cross. Goli has problems with dizziness and her hearing, and Hepatitis A is a rampant problem in the camps that the family is concerned about.

They are hoping to be reunited soon with their third son in Germany whom they have not seen in over a year.  He is only 12 years old.  Although their reunification application was approved in May 2017, Germany just announced a monthly quota on processing reunification transfers from Greece, and it is unknown how many more months they will have to wait in Greece.  The family needs to pay several more months of rent.

Goal Breakdown
Rent – $352
Deposit – $0
Food stipend – $1,980
Utilities – $330
International wire fee – $22
Other expenses – $550

Total (USD): $4,994

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