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Maha and Family


Maha Qassem’s family of 7 was forced to flee Syria because the war and conflict made them fear for their lives. They first went to the Turkish- Syrian border but the family was struggling with the language and lack of support. They left for Greece and arrived in February of 2016. They have now lived in refugee camps throughout Greece for nearly a year. 

Maha and her husband are caring for their own three children as well as her sister’s two children. Since her sister’s children are seeking reunification with their family in Germany they are not eligible for UNHCR housing. Maha and her husband are staying in the camp so that her sister’s 12 and 18-year-old children will not be left alone. 

Maha’s three children are suffering the most in this situation. Her son has severe PTSD and cries when he sees police officers or men in military uniforms. Her other son has started bedwetting again and her husband’s kidney issues are beginning to flare up.  Maha hopes they can move out of the camp where they live that is run by the Greek Army and into a safe home where her children will be protected and will not be living in such fear.

Goal Breakdown

Rent for apartment – $440 x 6 months
Food stipend – $330 x 6 months
Utilities – $55 x 6 months
Wire fees – $22
Misc. Expenses – $495

Total (USD): $5467

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