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Humanwire LGBT Sanctuary


Displaced lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender non-conforming people face unique and difficult challenges that often increase their risks of danger. The Humanwire LGBT Sanctuary (Damma) is a refuge and wellness center established to directly address these challenges in Turkey, the world’s largest refugee host country where over 4 Million people remain displaced by the wars of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Beyond displacement, LGBT people can face additional psychological stresses including blatant discrimination, economic and social pressures from sexual violence and abusive relationships, forced sex work, drug abuse, and medical issues such as sexually transmitted infections, without the resources to confidently and discreetly obtain treatment.

Located in Istanbul, the shelter’s goal is to offer a safe space and temporary housing while providing psychological support, medical care, nutriment, language training and occupational and life planning assistance.

Founded altruistically by the enormous heart of Justin Hilton, the Humanwire Turkey team, in partnership with local activists, refugees and Istanbul city council advocates, request your support to further improve the lives of so many displaced in Turkey who remain vulnerable and silent.


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