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Ivan, Anas, Iywan and Shayar

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Traumatized from bomber planes flying overhead, Ivan (5), Anas (6), Iywan (2) and their 14 year old cousin Shayar were forced to flee their home in Syria. Shayar’s parents had already fled to Germany and so he traveled along with his aunt, uncle and cousins.

First, they went to Turkey but they found no support.  They arrived to Greece in February 2016, where they have remained in various refugee camps run by the Greek military.  Seeing police officers or people in military uniforms exacerbates the severe PTSD that Ivan and Anas are suffering.  They cry when they see police officers or people in a military uniform.  They are also having bedwetting problems from the trauma they have suffered as well as dental issues from the lack of dental hygiene in the camps.

The boys have participated in some art therapy classes but need more sustained access to psychologists to address their trauma.  Their mother is seeking a way out of the camp and a safe environment where her family can be cared for and protected.

Goal Breakdown
Rent for apartment – $297 x 5 months
Deposit – $297
Food stipend – $330 x 5 months
Utilities – $55 x 5 months
Misc. Expenses – $341

Total (USD): $4,048


Amy Evans
I am a mother, a partner, a doula, a student, a volunteer and a dreamer. I have just returned from Greece supporting refugee families. I, along with a small team of volunteers from Carry the Future, met this family. We had the honor of being apart of their afternoon, connecting through language barriers and a meal. I want to see dignity for the families, basic needs are of utmost importance. I have been in Greece and Serbia during the past 2 years in these efforts, and with Humanwire I can support directly while back in the states. So can you!
$4048 Goal

On the ground in Greece this past week, myself and teammate Kim saw Humanwire in action. We witnessed the direct distribution of funds to refugee families and the support of their needs. One to one is how we can do this.
Our trusted volunteers on the ground working with this family are Florence and Anna. Their work is continuous.
Please consider the impact the smallest of donations have, consider a months donation, or a one time gift of hope.
Many blessings and thanks for your support.
In Solidarity.

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