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Issa and Family

Issa and Family

After the war destroyed his home and job in Syria, all Issa had left was his family. The airstrikes and attacks continued every day. The hospitals were gone, the school was gone and they had to flee to remain alive.

Issa and his family traveled to Greece and completed their asylum application. The family was randomly assigned to France for relocation but when they went for the interview they were told they had been rejected and their only option was to apply for asylum in Greece.

Now that they are applying for asylum in Greece, the support they receive from the UN for housing will be terminated. They have been told they must leave the hotel that the UN had been paying for while their French asylum case was pending. Issa’s baby daughter is suffering from respiratory problems and the three and four year old are suffering from PTSD and need treatment. The family needs temporary housing support while they evaluate their options and get medical treatment for the children.

Goal Breakdown
Rent (and deposit) – $385 x 6 months
Deposit – $220
Food stipend – $302.50 x 6 months
Utilities – $55 x 6 months
Misc. Expenses – $446

Total (USD): $5121

*This campaign has ended. Please contact for more information.
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