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Ibrahim and Family

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Ibrahim’s family left Syria when everything collapsed because of the war. There was no school, no hospitals, no water and no electricity. The attacks and the airstrikes were endless and the bombings eventually destroyed their home. Ibrahim’s 9-year-old son Yarob suffers from heart and kidney problems and needs surgery but they could not get treatment in Syria. They fled the country.

They eventually arrived in Greece only to find that the borders were closed and they could not continue on. They spent many months in a remote camp in northern Greece where they could not get any medical care for Yarob. Six months ago a doctor came to do some tests but they never heard anything further.

Ibrahim is worried about his children who haven’t gone to school for 4 years. “The one that knew how to write his name, forgot how to write it and the one that knew how to add up 1+1 can’t add up anything anymore….”

The family is waiting on their asylum application to be processed so they can be relocated to another country. In the meantime, the family needs to live close to the hospital so that they can take Yarob to the doctor to get the treatment that he needs.

Goal Breakdown
Rent  – $385 x 5 months
Deposit – $770
Utilities – $55 x 5 months
Misc. Expenses – $220

Total (USD): $3,190

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