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Born and raised in Syria, Husam was on his way to visit a friend near his home in the Damascus countryside in December of 2013 when he was caught in an air raid. Hit by shells, Husam was rushed to the hospital for a “fast operation” where he lost both of his lower legs.

Husam made it back home, obtained a wheelchair, eventually received additional surgery to treat his still open nerves and remained in his hometown for the following two years working with the Basma Relief and Development Foundation. As war sustained and intensified, Husam fled to Turkey in September of 2015.

Now in a home for disabled Syrians in Reyhanli, Husam spends his days selflessly helping

others, even as he is unable to pay for his own rent and food. He would love the opportunity to work to support himself.

Husam needs artificial legs, as he is currently wheelchair bound. He cannot afford the medicine he should be taking, such as medicine for the severe phantom pains he suffers because of the amputation. Husam also needs money for living costs, as he has no income. He is completely dependent on donations for his day-to-day survival. Husam is specialized in clothing store management, sales and administration and is also by hobby a “bicycle-maker”, putting loose parts together to make new bicycles.


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