Humanwire 1st Annual Pledge Drive – HUMANWIRE
*Humanwire has been required to halt its operations to resolve certain operational issues. We appreciate your interest in Humanwire and please bear with us while we work to hopefully ensure that Humanwire is as strong and efficient as it can be.

Humanwire 1st Annual Pledge Drive


Together we made a difference.

Let’s take it to the next level!

The tote bags and T-shirts are ready for print on demand, the call center is abuzz with PayPal and Stripe, and we’d love to hear from you with your pledge in support of the work we do at Humanwire.
Each day this week we’ll be sending an email update on Humanwire to all hosts, contributors, friends and family towards reaching our goal of $25,000 for the year.

Humanwire is 100% dependent on your donations to operate. Your donation to Humanwire will go a long way in helping us scale our operations to reach more people around the world, more quickly, and effectively. Thank You!


Since launch in November, 2015 (~1.5 years), Humanwire has generated almost $900,000 for the direct benefit of thousands of individuals displaced by violence.



The majority of contributors have opted to include an additional % for Humanwire (not from, but in addition to) leading to an extra ~$95,000 in operating expenses to get the work done.

We’ve also received a $50,000 grant to school 300 full-time students at our Butterfly Effect Center in Lebanon, plus a $45,000 grant of which $15,000 has been allocated towards operations.

Our actual operating expenses are lean because we do not operate like a charity. We build the tools to enable you to operate as the charity.



As a new organization, our costs are still higher than our revenue, but not for long. We’ve invested in planting the seeds to become more efficient as we scale up.

  1. Boulder: 3 Full-Time Staff / Office / Tech, Operations
  2. Lebanon: 6 Full-Time Staff / Office / Operations | 10 Full-Time Staff for School w/300 Students
  3. Turkey: 4 Full Time Staff / Office / Operations & Dormitory Center for 15
  4. We also operate in Greece, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Uganda and America.

You might have noticed, this is the first time we are asking!

By word of mouth, we spread the need of help and support for refugees, so this week we’re asking you to help us help more.

Did you know? To keep your donations 100% effective, Humanwire absorbs the costs of credit card fees, currency exchange fees and money transfers, which consumes over 50% of our revenue.

Help us keep Humanwire free forever more! Select any amount below and have a direct impact.

All pledges of $25 or more receive a Humanwire tote bag or Tshirt.

*This campaign has ended. Please contact for more information.
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