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Hanin and her family fled Syria in March of 2016 and have been living in Greece camps since. Hanin is currently in the Softex camp with her three children and without her husband. Her children are 4 years, 2 years and 8 months.

Her husband unfortunately ended up associating with the wrong type of people in the Softex camp and he is currently in jail, accused of theft. Hanin is in a difficult situation due to people in camp who are not happy with her husband and feels unsafe at night.

She says she can’t leave her tent to go to the restroom at night for this reason. She would very much like to get herself and her children out of what appears to be a dangerous and deteriorating environment.

Tent to Home volunteers have found a free apartment for Hanin, so her campaign fund will be for food expenses and baby products primarily.

Goal Breakdown
Food stipend – $302.50 x 6 months
International wire fee – $44
Misc. Expenses – $446

Total (USD): $2305


Ruhi Akhtar
Daughter, sister, mother to many, medical professional, crazy, loving, humanitarian.
$2305 Goal

They say that having faith can move mountains.

Did I think two years ago that a small town Northumbrian lass like me would be travelling to refugee camps across Europe to help those fleeing war and terror… I would have said unlikely…No.

And if you asked me could I sit in my Morpeth home and arrange a doctor for an ill, elderly Pakistani gentleman or could I move a vulnerable Syrian lady with three young children from her refugee camp tent to an apartment because she was at risk of being attacked miles and miles away from me. I would have said…Definitely not.

Where would I have even started?

But somewhere deep down all those who care, are ‘the best kind of crazy’ as I was once called. Where our faith makes us believe that we actually, can move mountains.
You don’t have to be anyone special or experienced and you can just be the person next door. The main thing is to believe.

On 8th January I put out an urgent appeal saying ‘I CRITICALLY need help moving a lady and her three young kids (4 years, 2 years and 8 months) from a camp in Thessaloniki to an apartment or a temporary hotel. She is alone with her children and her husband is not with her. Due to her situation she is at risk of being attacked or worse.

She came to us, stopped us and asked us for help. Whilst we sleep in our safe and secure homes in comfy beds our sisters in camps are scared…’

Over night we secured her long term housing until she is relocated (rent and bills paid) and some funds for maintenance. The pieces of our jigsaw came together to move Hanin and her children from tent to home the very next day, her house was kitted with necessary electronics, food and gear for her young children and she was given some maintenance money.

Of course it’s always the small pieces that make the bigger picture. Essentially we are all pieces of the same jigsaw and none of this would have been possible without everyone who shared my post, everyone who donated funds and of course my amazing team on the ground who logistically made it happen. THANK YOU ALL.

She is safe now and she is happy.
But did I think we could ever do this two years ago or that I would have so many pieces surrounding me to make this jigsaw I would have said no.

Someone said to me that we have to help her because she is like our sister and imagine if something bad was to happen should she have stayed in camp. She is our sister and all those needing help are our family.

Hanin’s tent to home campaign is live on Humanwire and we are still collecting funds for food and maintenance for the many months she will be in Greece until she reaches the country of her relocation. Be part of this jigsaw too. We can all do our small bit and it’s our duty to help.

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