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Hamza and Abduljalil


Hamza and Abduljalil escaped war in Syria with their family at the end of 2015 after pressure from various factions to recruit the young boys became too aggressive. Their father: “The reason we left is we didn’t want anyone to recruit our sons into any cause. Not just the army; extremist groups and neighborhood militias were also trying to arm them. They give boys weapons when they are only 15 or 16 years old. If you don’t join them, they turn against you.”

The kids’ sibling Diaa escaped to Turkey first due to the immense pressure he was facing from recruiters but developed severe psychological issues during traumatic experiences while traveling alone. Now all reunited in Istanbul, Diaa is doing better but is not receiving the medical support he needs.

In addition to outpatient support for Diaa, the family said their top needs include food as well as support for mother Zhrea who recently miscarried and has been unable to afford a diagnosis.