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Haiat, Seedra and Muhammad


Haiat’s husband, Faisal, left for a quick errand in April of this year and never came home. They were living in war torn Ragga, Syria. Haiat, pregnant and with two children, was left alone.

Haiat describes that in the following days after her husband’s disappearance, they looked in all the hospitals and asked around, but they never found him. Weeks later Haiat gave up her search and moved into her family’s home with her two children. As time passed, the threat of starvation increased and the fighting became fierce, and so the entire family decided to flee from Syria to Turkey. Now, all nine members live in a crowded home in Istanbul with no formal assistance, and because her father is disabled, her sisters work 12 hours a day to support the whole family.

Haiat says that she would like to help her family, but being pregnant she cannot work, and so she depends on her sisters to help her. Her child is due any day now.  She barely has the means to feed her children, let alone welcome a new baby into the world. She wishes she could pay back the kindness of her sisters who support her fully now; “…they work so hard” she laments, unable to repay their kindness.  

Her daughter, Seedra (3), and her son Muhammad Haji (2) continue to inspire her to seek a better life.

She says that her son is sick a lot and thus far has not received medical assistance or been vaccinated. If she can receive any support, her top priority is to help her children. She wants them to have enough food and clothing and medical care, and dreams of sending them to school.

She would return to Syria if possible, but says she now has no home.  In Istanbul her hope is to one day have the means to rent her own separate house, so she can raise her children in a less crowded home, and alleviate the burden on her family.

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