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Fatima and Ahmad


Fatima is from Aleppo and found herself suddenly in the middle of clashes between the Syrian army and rebel forces. Everything in her home was completely destroyed. She and her husband Ahmad first fled to Turkey and rented a house where they remained for two years. Ahmad found enough work to support the family but often didn’t get paid and eventually fled to Germany. Now Ahmad has obtained asylum and seeks reunification with Fatima and their three kids. Fatima has since made it to Greece but remains stuck in a tent, dependent on the Greek army for food with no additional support of any kind.

When asked about her top three health concerns, Fatima cited rampant Hepatitis-A cases in her camp that she is trying to protect her children from, Scabies (due to no hot water or showers) and lack of nutrition.

Goal Breakdown
Rent – $330 x 6 months
Deposit – $0
Food stipend – $248 x 6 months
Utilities – $55 x 6 months
International wire fee – $22
Other expenses (realtor fee, bus fees, etc) – $380

Total (USD): $4200


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