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Eid and Khaldie


Khaldie and her husband Ramadan are both in their late twenties: a young couple full of promise for their lives together. Living happily in the region of Octobre Dam in Syria, they never anticipated that their lives would change so drastically.

Caught in an area torn by extremist groups, each day they faced possible kidnapping, forced recruitment and life-or-death danger.

They finally fled the fighting – first facing weeks on foot in the desert to Damascus, now living in a tent in Lebanon.

Khaldie recently gave birth to a baby boy Eid. She worries daily about their new life which lacks the adequate shelter and basic necessities she had hoped to give her baby. And despite the lack of opportunity, Ramadan now suffers from a degenerated disc and remains in need of medical support. Each day they wonder how they will make it to the next.

Now with a newborn, the family is in desperate need of a cover for the roof of their tent, diapers, baby food and a refrigerator.


The Monigle Team
Laurent, Charlie, Andrea, Rob, Meredith & Jenny. We’re a team of brand builders based in Denver, CO. As mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons, we are eager to team up and do whatever we can to help provide Khaldie, Eid and Ramadan with the love, support and care they deserve. Our goal is to provide this family with their most urgent present needs, and also empower them with the hope and tools they need for a better future.
$3000 Goal

With daily uncertainty, change and need, Khaldie, Eid and Ramadan need our help. Help us alleviate their daily struggles, set them up for a better future and connect them with a community of people who care.


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