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Edisa, Florida, Beatrice and Florence


Florida was raising her family with her husband in the Democratic Republic of Congo until her life was changed forever. Florida explains:

“I was 6 months pregnant when my home was invaded. My husband and first born child were outside the house preparing to go for business the next day and were killed. The group then entered our house, robbed us of all we had and gang raped me. I fled that night and started going towards Uganda.”

Florida has found safety in a Refugee Settlement in Kyangwali, Uganda. She is HIV positive and the sole provider for her two children Florence (12) and Beatrice (10), and also cares for Edisa (8), an orphan. Edisa’s mother died when she was only an infant and is deaf and HIV positive. Florida lists their greatest needs as food, education for the children, a home with a good roof and a mattress for the children to sleep on.

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