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Diane is from Cameroon, Africa. Originally from the mountains in West Cameroon, she fled to the capital city of Yaunde where her cousin helped her obtain a visa and funds for a ticket to Istanbul. She left her town because of forced marriage.

Aside from modest food distributions from her church, she is in search of a home and work to help support herself and her daughter Elizabeth (3). Having married by choice after arriving to Turkey, Diane found herself in another abusive relationship and continues to fear domestic violence and kidnapping.

Her top needs include relocating outside of Istanbul, and if possible, outside of Turkey.


A young educator of 5+ years pursuing International Education Policy and Advocacy, I am also a recent return Peace Corps Volunteer. Having spent over a year as an Educator in Burkina Faso West Africa, I had the chance to experience so much beauty, hope and potential in a developing country. As well first hand the gender inequality, forced and young marriages as well as domestic violence in their many forms, that we read about in fear. These aspects affect not only education for these populations, but quality of life. As a result my experiences lead me to grow ever more passionate in the pursuit of advocacy for both student and women's rights in developing countries. The United Nations Development Program rates Burkina Faso at 144 of 188 on the Gender Development Index. Cameroon is rated at 153 of 188 [UNDP, GDI 2014]. This rating represents inequality measured in three dimensions: Reproductive health, empowerment and the labor market. The women of Cameroon and many African countries as well as their children are not exclusively but more frequently subjected to these damaging conditions. Without support and education to be empowered or independent they are left without a means of income, or health care and to fend for themselves or search for a means of escape. I am proud to stand with Humanwire behind Diane and her daughter, two of many strong and beautiful women who are fighting for these basic rights, and peace of mind.

*This campaign has ended. Please visit https://www.humanwire.org/cause/diane-and-elizabeth/ for a more recent update.

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