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Pictured above, Andrew Hyde and Jeremy Latrasse have finished their ride! 

Hyde writes: “Hello friends! Jeremy and I are riding bicycles across the USA from April to June, 2017. We’re raising money through Humanwire and hope to fund quite a few families and introduce you to them. The beauty of a bike is often a one on one connection to the world and the beauty of Humanwire is creating a one on one friendship with a refugee. By funding our ride you will get both video content from the ride and also get to meet a refugee via a Skype call and get a relationship started. We are taking the Southern Tier bike route across the USA, so from San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida. We will be posting on Instagram [Andrew], Twitter [Andrew, Jeremy] and our blogs about the trip [Andrew].”

Funding Tiers:

$1 for Jeremy and Andrew per mile $6,106
$1 per mile: $3053
.5 per mile $1,526.5
.1 per mile $152.65


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.01.19 PM


Prior to this cross country trip, Andrew Hyde has sponsored three families on Humanwire: Yousra, Bana, and Mousa and Hajar.

yousra                 bana                mousa and hajar

Andrew and Jeremy have successfully met their first goal of $2000 and have funded Walid, Khaldyeh and Ghadeer’s campaign.

Andrew and Jeremy have successfully met their second goal of $2000 and have funded Aisha in Turkey’s campaign.


The third family receiving support from Andrew and Jeremy’s ride is Linda and Baby Benjamin. Humanwire takes 0% from your contribution and enables hosts like Andrew and Jeremy to decide exactly how they wish to allocate your contribution to their family.

linda and baby ben

Mother Linda and her newborn son Benjamin urgently need a place to live in Turkey. They were recently kicked out of their home and have no place to go. In February 2016 Linda not only left her home in Ghana, but also her three children ages 9, 4 and 2 in the care of her mother in search of work. Her husband who had already found work in Turkey had convinced her to join him. Shortly after Linda’s arrival in Turkey, she became pregnant. Although determined, this made it difficult to work and send money home to her family.

Linda would like to stay in Turkey and create a life, but having recently lost her home she is losing hope. If things don’t get easier she will have to return home to Ghana. She says “even clothing and feeding myself is difficult, let alone sending back clothes and money to my three children.”


Thank you Ignite! Humanwire is beyond grateful for the contributions made by the Ignite Boulder event on May 18, 2017. A huge thank you to Andrew and Jeremy who have each agreed to match any donations made to their bike ride. These contributions will go directly to enrolling children in school in Lebanon. As a result, three times the number of children will have access to an education. Good luck with the rest of your ride and may the wind be always at your back and the sun upon your face!


5/28/17 – Congratulations to Andrew and Jeremy for completing their ride! 


I would like to make a donation through Andrew and Jeremy's cross-country bike ride. At this time, my contribution below will go specially towards Linda and Baby Benjamin. As a result of my contribution, I will have the opportunity to connect with the family over video chat.

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