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Balkis and Shahed

Balkis and Shahed

Sisters Balkis (3) and Shahed (4) pictured beside their tent in Lebanon, August 2016.

Abdel from Al Rakka, Syria: 

“In the summer of 2012, there were collisions between the Syrian Free-Army and the Regime. The food supplies were cut off and we couldn’t eat or even get milk for my new baby girl [Shahed]. I decided to go first to Lebanon and work anything to send my family money hoping that everything would get better. Unfortunately, everything became worse and I couldn’t help but bring my family to Lebanon, no matter what. It was a tough journey for them. They ran away under bombings and aircraft.

Now I work occasionally as a daily worker for any kind of physical work including instruction and so on. I gain around $7/day but I don’t get the chance to work everyday. I would like to have a small kiosk to sell food cans and daily basic food products.

One of the most essential things that we need is food. It’s so hard for us to buy food. I also need to cover my wife’s delivery fees because she is pregnant.

I dream of constant and sustainable work to be able to raise my kids properly and help them get proper food, education and a good life.”

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