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Baker and Omar


Baker (3) and Omar (4) live with their parents Alaa and Hassan in the Zahleh district of Lebanon.

Before the two children were born, Alaa and Hassan fled their homeland in Syria due to unrest in their neighborhood. Hassan said “Many parties were fighting and the bombs almost destroyed our land”. He went on to say “Nothing in the world will stop us from going back to Syria if the situation gets better.”

Despite the lack of formal education themselves, Alaa and Hassan appeared relentless about finding a way to afford an education for their two kids. They said the idea however is currently just “a dream”.

Alaa has obtained work as a house cleaner for six days out of each month at a rate of $10/day as the sole earner. Hassan used to work in a restaurant near their home in Hama, Syria but has not been able to find work in Lebanon.

Their most pressing needs are food, clothing, to keep the boys in Kindergarten, and as winter approaches, diesel oil for heat.

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