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Anas, Amal and Ahmad


School aged siblings Anas, Amal and Ahmad fled Syria with their parents Teiseer and Sumya after unrelenting bombings in 2012. Their home was under constant attack based on its proximity to the middle of the village. They moved to Homs and rented a house until the war followed and then moved to Yabroud where they sought refuge in an abandoned barn for some time before moving to Lebanon.

Teiseer works any job he can find to support his family but it is barely enough to pay their rent. Sumya has a certificate to teach English, but has difficulties because of her Rheumatism. She would like to pursue a job in an organization.

Currently the family is in need of help with medical expenses due to Sumya’s illness and she also has a problem with her gallbladder in need of treatment. Sumya’s monthly medical expenses average $50. Teiseer said he would like to purchase an espresso machine so that he can sell coffee in his old age. This would help to cover they’re monthly rent expense ($150) and provide them with clean drinking water. The family is also in need of food, blankets, children’s clothes, diesel oil for heat and an oven. Teiseer also dreams of buying a laptop for one of his sons because “he is so smart.”


Travis Flynt
My name is Travis and I am the president of a group called the National Honors Society at a school in California. The school is called Idyllwild Arts Academy and it is a boarding school for artists!
$550 Goal

The National Honors Society (NHS) at our school has decided that we would like to raise money for the betterment of Syrian Refugee lives. We are holding an open-mic night at our school and selling custom designed t-shirts to raise funds for Anas, Amal and Ahmad!


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