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Early in 2015 extremists invaded Deir el Zor, Syria, the hometown of Ammouna and her family. Consumed by fear and facing hunger as food supplies were cut off, the family made their way to Damascus. Their situation grew worse there due to lack of support, and no opportunities to earn a living. After eight months Ammouna and three of her sons, Mohammad (15), Abdel (6) and Jebreel (3), left for Lebanon. Her husband, Nawaf Ibrahim, and two of their children are still stranded in Damascus.

Mohammad and Abdel said they would both like to return to school, although currently Mohammad works harvesting potatoes.

The family does not want to return to Syria once the war is over, their memories and losses are too great. Ammouna is focused on getting the others out of Syria and will then begin to look beyond the now.

Basic needs in Lebanon include food, medication for Mohammad who is suffering from sinusitis and headaches, mattresses to sleep on, wood to fix their rented tent and a stove to prepare warm food and provide warmth for the upcoming winter.

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