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Alex in Turkey


Alex: “We were very very poor. My parents had eight children, and I’m right in the middle. My father worked for the municipality in Douala, Cameroon as a cleaner in the markets. My mother sold firewood. We didn’t have enough to live so we stayed with various family friends, on dirt floors. When the government of the city changed, my father lost his job and we were without food or means. I enjoyed playing football and I wanted to be a professional football player. I also dreamed of finding a better life and helping my family and helping people. I heard there was an opportunity for African players in Turkey and I know that I have talent. My father and my family used the last of their savings, which they had been saving for over two years, to send me to Turkey to pursue this dream. I can’t fail them because they put all of their hopes in me.”

Alex has completed one term of classes in Istanbul, and will need help paying tuition for the next term. His current needs include housing and food.

UPDATE: 6-27-17 – Alex is awaiting the results of tryouts for a Turkish football team. If he’s not recruited to the team he will need funding for school or will risk being deported.


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Have you ever had a dream that you could actually live if only you could get a little help? Alex has spent his entire life dedicated to pursuing his dream of becoming a footballer. He has left his family, his friends and everything he knows for this opportunity. Please help make Alex’s dream come true!

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