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Ahmed and Amer


Ahmed’s father Amer brought their family to Jordan after his shop and livelihood was destroyed by a bomb.

Ahmed suffers from a blood disorder that requires very special care, care that is not available in Jordan. Registered with the UNHCR, Amer is not allowed to legally work yet he said he has no choice. He’s already been arrested once for doing so. “I just want help for my child, ” said Ahmed during an interview.

During a recent hospital visit, Amer was told that Ahmed needs an operation for a liver transplant. He has a urea cycle disorder that results in too much ammonium in his blood and requires special food, vitamins and medication.

Amer has received minimal funds from the UNHCR in the past, but just received a notification that they will no longer be able to provide any financial or medical support. He’s also applied for reunification in the U.S. but was told in the last week that they will have to wait until an immigration official can meet with them – a process that takes an unspecified amount of time. They are desperate for a connection.


Shannon Blaeske
Someone who wants to do something to help.
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No matter what you feel politically, I think we all are deeply concerned about the millions of displaced people in the world right now because of war. We can continue to feel bad about it and hate what other people are not doing, or we can take action and do something ourselves. This is something we can do. Help this father and son or start a campaign for another refugee and give what you can. It may not be the best solution to the horrors that are happening, but it’s a start and it’s something we can do NOW.


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At least four quarterly emails will be sent to all contributors with status and progress reports related to activity on the campaign. This may include information about the successful transfer of funds to a hospital, a photo of the recipient after a successful surgery, etc.


Contributors will be provided with a local address to send food, clothes, school supplies and letters of support directly to the family’s door. This is a great way to build one-to-one relationships and potentially provide more needed support down the road. Plus, everything included in the $5 reward.

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