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Abdel and Iman

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In April of 2014, a rocket destroyed Abdel and Iman’s home in Syria. Four of their ten siblings were killed in the blast, and their father disappeared. Their mother, Shamsa, was left to care for the remaining family on her own.

Now living in Lebanon, Shamsa and her kids are in dire need of support. They do not receive support from the UNHCR or other NGO’s of any kind. Though two of Shamsa’s daughters work by harvesting potatoes whenever they are able, her other children are too young to help and require her full-attention for support.

Currently the family’s top needs are food – Shamsa said their diet consists only of potatoes – clothes for the children and help with their debt for the tent they shelter in. Shamsa has a brain tumor that needs to be removed as quickly as possible, with the surgery estimated to cost $2000. Iman also has a growth deficiency that may requires treatment.

*This campaign has ended. Please visit https://www.humanwire.org/cause/aya-iman-and-abdel-al-rahman/ for a more recent update or contact support@humanwire.org
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