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Abdallah Mohammad and Abed

Abdallah Mohammad and Abed

From left to right, Abdallah (5), Mohammad (9) and Abed (4) hangout beside their tent in Lebanon on December 2, 2015.

Their father Tabal (43) worked as a municipality employee and was high-school-level certified. Originally from Sheikh Saaed, Aleppo, Syria, the family fled the war in 2011 and eventually ended up in a tent in Lebanon in 2014. Like many others, Tabal occasionally harvests potatoes for up to $10/day.

The family said their top three needs are food, tent repair and education.

Abdalluh and Abed have never been to school having been on the run their entire lives. Mahmoud said he would like to return to school and finish his studies. Their two older siblings Jabila (16) and Khaled (18) were destined for college and said they wish they could continue on with their education. Khaled said he wants to become a doctor.


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