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Pictured above, two of Murtadha’s three children. Murtadha was a professional weightlifter in Iraq and worked as a personal trainer with the U.S. military in Baghdad. One day he was driving with his 18 year old sister when militants forced his car off the road. Murtadha’s sister was killed in front of him in the
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Alex: “We were very very poor. My parents had eight children, and I’m right in the middle. My father worked for the municipality in Douala, Cameroon as a cleaner in the markets. My mother sold firewood. We didn’t have enough to live so we stayed with various family friends, on dirt floors. When the government of
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Shahed (21) fled her home in Aleppo, Syria when she was pregnant with her son Mohamed (2) in 2015. Mohamed was born partially paralyzed and suffers from seizures due to a surgery. The war has made it difficult for Shahed to get proper medicine and treatment for Mohamed in Syria, so she fled with her
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Zakiyeh (14) and Shifaa (10) grew up in Syria with their extended family before the war shook up their life. The girls stopped attending school, fear of violence escalated and eventually their mother Hawaa decided to flee to Turkey. Hawaa is an experienced seamstress and found work in a sewing shop in Istanbul. She would like to
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Zaina and her youngest son Mahmoud (1) lived in Al Raqqa, Syria until May, 2016. She enjoyed a peaceful life raising her children until their home was bombed leaving her son Khalil (7) with severe nerve damage in his face. With their home destroyed, Zaina fled with her children to Lebanon. As a single mother of
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