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Open Positions at Humanwire

Go! Online Store Director

Humanwire HQ, Boulder, Colorado

Overview: This is a unique position in that, more than experience in operating an e-commerce store, or any store, the position requires creativity and business development acumen along with the dedication to wear all of that hats required to build and operate a new department from scratch.


The Go! Online Store Director will be responsible for development and execution of all concerns related to Humanwire’s Go! Delivery store found at (newly designed site coming in 2017).

The Director will operate, refine and build upon the store, identify new products and establish new vendors in various countries, work with vendors and ground teams on prices and delivery logistics, manage customer support, use ticket management tools, work with our website designers and developers to tweak and build new features to beautify the interface and visual design, analyze regional refugee and consumer behavior, regularly report on sales and site performance (including daily site traffic by channel and product category, product traffic and performance, campaign effectiveness, conversion, SEO, content performance and shopping path behavior), spend a large percent of time on marketing and business development efforts to expand use of the store, and ultimately, provide refugees and shoppers with a memorable experience each and every time they visit the site.


  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills: Self-directed and capable of working independently in a fast paced environment, juggling multiple projects, while adhering to tight, demanding deadlines.
  • Strong communication & partnership skills: Ability to work in a collaborative team environment with business partners to develop and implement new programs that drive results.
  • Highly analytical: Ability to generate innovative insights from analysis & communicate results effectively.
  • Digital analytics experience a plus.
  • Self-motivated, performance and results driven.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Embraces change and diversity of opinion with ease.

School Administrator

Executive Director of Refugee Education

Humanwire HQ Boulder, Colorado

The Executive Director of Refugee Education is the “Face” of the Humanwire’s Butterfly Effect center and oversees its entire operations. The Executive Director of Refugee Education reports directly to the CEO and has direct responsibility for: Leadership, Organizational Management, Policy and Governance, Human Resources Management, Facilities and Equipment, Safety, Communication, and Community Network and Interactions.

The Butterfly Effect is currently active in Lebanon and this position will expand growth throughout Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Nepal and other countries as demand arises.


  • Managing organization and staff.
  • Managing student and parent concerns.
  • Business Development.
  • Growth in customer acquisition for new students.
  • School Improvements.
  • Expanding curriculums.
  • Evaluating students and teachers.
  • Develop online business strategies to drive category growth by ensuring all products and categories are fully optimized and positioned for customers to easily discover and purchase.
  • Ensure that the strategic plans are in line with overall company goals and priorities.
  • Analyze and regularly report on student performance to include concerning trends, product traffic and performance, campaign effectiveness, conversion, content performance and site path behavior of donors.
  • Constantly monitor organic search performance and include detailed SEO tactics in each new product launch, landing page, site category update and digital marketing campaign.
  • Recommend digital tools, campaigns and experience improvements in order to continuously improve website experiences and overall performance.
  • Develops relationships with faculty and administrators to cultivate deeper engagement.
  • Communicates and supports administrative commitment to the teacher development process.
  • Contributes to a safe, secure adult and student learning environment that features transparency, respectful dialogue, and professional support.
  • Ensures all children are well served by Humanwire’s personalized instructional model including children with special learning challenges.
  • Build and manage a new technical support system protocol to match students with online buddies around the world to offer individualized support.


  • Extra savvy with digital platforms, apps and online tools.
  • Bachelor’s Degree; preferably in Communications, Education, Web Design or Business.
  • Master’s degree in education or teacher leadership a plus
    Teaching experience.
  • Strong written and oral communication with faculty/teachers, administrators and students.
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills: Self-directed and capable of working in a fast paced environment, juggling multiple projects, while adhering to tight demanding deadlines.
  • Strong communication & partnership skills: Ability to work in a collaborative team environment with business partners to develop and implement new programs that drive results.
  • Highly analytical: Ability to generate innovative insights from analysis & communication results effectively.
  • Digital Analytics (Coremetrics) experience strongly preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Embraces change and diversity of opinion with ease.
  • Knowledge of refugee concerns preferred.

Ad Ops

Humanwire HQ, Boulder, Colorado

The Advertising Operations Director will build and oversee the team responsible for implementing online advertising campaigns. This role will collaborate with the company’s editorial, creative, and development teams while working across multiple teams within the outside media business.


  • Manage, mentor and grow Humanwire Campaign customer/host acquisition.
  • Oversee the advertising insertion orders.
  • Build targeted campaigns.
  • Expert use of social media tools for marketing and advertising.
  • Collaborate with the product team, editorial team, and ad sales in successfully launching integrated sponsorships.
  • Work to monitor and optimize campaign delivery and performance.


  • BA/BS preferred with strong academic record.
  • Previous knowledge in client services, ad operations and serving solutions a plus.
  • 2-3 years previous experience managing a trafficking team a plus
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to handle heavy workload, mediating many demands and requests with strong problem solving drive.
  • Smart and quick proactive learner with organizational agility and strong attention to detail. Willingness and ability to learn and do whatever is needed to see a project through to completion.
  • Effective team player.
  • Demonstrate excellent computer skills. Strong excel skills is preferred.
  • Facebook Advertising Expert


Director: Greece

Humanwire is seeking a charismatic and organized leader to launch and manage our Humanwire-Greece office in Athens.  Humanwire launched the Tent to Home program in November 2016 to move vulnerable refugee families from camps to apartments by connecting them with sponsors to cover the cost of their room and board while their asylum applications are processed.  The program now has improved living conditions for 24 families/109 people throughout Greece and as of Feb, 2017, we have doubled our number of new applicants. Humanwire also seeks to further develop non-housing related refugee support campaigns in Greece, as well as our special Go! Delivery service which currently runs in Lebanon and Turkey.


-Legally authorized to work in Greece (Greek national preferable)

-Ability to communicate (written and spoken) in Greek and English (Arabic also preferred but not required)

-Undergraduate degree required (law, business, international relations preferred)  and Master’s degree preferred

-Prior legal and or project management experience preferably in an international working context

-Prior experience supervising and managing employees

-Knowledge of and familiarity with the refugee crisis in Greece and the principal actors in the non-profit sector

-Familiarity with the Arab community in Athens preferred

-Awareness of and respect for the unique needs of refugees

-Highly organized and detail oriented

-Skilled in the use of a variety of computer applications and social media platforms

-Charisma and energy to inspire others to collaborate in support of refugees through Humanwire

Job  Responsibilities


  • Identify furnished apartments available for rental
  • Visit and inspect apartments prior to rental
  • Develop and sign rental agreements with owners on behalf of Humanwire
  • Troubleshoot apartment related issues between family and landlord

External Outreach/PR

  • Contact local NGOs (Athens and operating in camps/squats) to identify opportunities for collaboration
  • Outreach to Athens mothers list to set up visits/ donation of supplies to families
  • Submit spreadsheet of families for referral to CARE cash card program


  • Submit distribution requests to HW for rent and food stipends
  • Complete payment to landlords
  • Deliver monthly food stipends to families
  • Obtain documentation of distribution to submit to HW (Photo, rental receipt etc.)


  • Maintain tracking sheet of family budgets for rent and food/utilities stipends and payment dates
  • Develop tasks lists for volunteers and case workers
  • Assign tasks to volunteers and case workers
  • Supervise completion
  • Solicit and receive volunteer applications
  • Supervise performance of case workers in meeting families’ needs
  • Review applications and interview candidates
  • Maintain map/spreadsheet of families in program and share with volunteers/collaborators as necessary

Skype Calls

  • Set up families with Skype on their phones to make the calls with the host/campaign sponsors
  • Go to family’s house prior to start of Skype call to prepare them and translate during the call


  • Develop the weekly list of needs for each family with the assistance of case workers
  • Send the list to the warehouse
  • Assist with packing in the Eliniko warehouse
  • Coordinate deliveries of weekly packages from the warehouse to families through Mahracar taxi service
  • Follow up with caseworkers/families to confirm receipt

Family Outreach

  • Meet families at the bus station if they come to Athens from the camps up north and take them to their apartments
  • Supervise caseworkers to conduct weekly home visits to the families to learn their needs (caseworkers)
  • Supervise caseworkers to encourage and accompany families to try to get them out of the house to some of the community centers that have activities
  • Supervise caseworkers to accompany families for specific outings/trips they need to make (to doctor etc.) and translate
  • Supervise caseworkers in assisting families to learn places where they can shop for food at low cost (map and guide already developed – more about taking them out walking to learn the route)

Campaigns: Develop budgets for each family and submit to HW

Interested candidates should submit CV and cover letter to

English/Arabic Linguists

Humanwire Greece, Athens

English/Arabic Linguists are required to transcribe and/or translate source material, both printed and live audio/video.

Linguists support refugee/host video chat calls over Skype.

Linguists provide any and all cultural and ethnic context of translations, interpretations, and transcriptions.


  • Must have at minimum (2) years’ experience of interpretation / translation Interagency
  • Must have document exploitation skills
  • Must have in-depth geo-political knowledge
  • Must be computer literate
  • Able to understand the essentials of all speech in a standard dialect and to follow accurately the essentials of conversations between educated native speakers in both Arabic and English, understand radio broadcasts, news stories similar to wire service reports, oral reports, some oral technical reports and public addresses on non-technical subjects
  • Able to interpret/translate using colloquial and slang words and phrases

Assistant Admin

Humanwire is seeking a full-time assistant administrator to maintain key initiatives across the world from our HQ office in Boulder, Colorado. Responsibilities require a creative ability to research new topics and discover new resources in matters one may be initially unfamiliar with, communicating with donors and recipients over email (customer service), coordinating international business, maintaining data and providing support for general day-to-day operations.

The position requires an undergraduate degree and a general savviness with basic computer applications (e.g. Google Docs/Sheets, browsers, communication apps including WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger) with an ability to quickly learn new software applications quickly.

More than on-the-job experience, we are looking for a sharp, motivated, articulate, passionate person who can take the ball and run with it.

This is a full-time position that will require dedication and focus with many opportunities for growth. The administrator position is key for our ability to run efficiently and requires an excellent ability to communicate in the written form. The successful candidate will have a natural knack for customer service in communicating with our internal team, donors, partners, and the general public.


Humanwire is seeking a full-time Javascript developer for our HQ office in Boulder, Colorado. Extensive experience with Javascript, jQuery, CSS and server admin prefered. The ideal candidate is ready to dive into our new upcoming Javascript site. You’ll be actively involved in maintaining the pre-existing site while playing a key role in the design and implementation of new features and our long term strategies designed for scale.


We are seeking volunteers for many projects all around the world. Please visit

Instructions for applying:

Explore the Humanwire website and concept and if you feel inspired and believe one of the active positions above is meant for you, please email your resume and cover letter to

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